Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island Primaries

Well, that sucked.


Neo-agrarian said...

Don't let the early count fool you. Obama actually may win Texas now that the count is completed. Also check out the dirty pool being played

Laura said...

I think HRC is going to drag this whole thing out and insist that the
Florida and Michigan delegates should be seated and continue to play the most reprehensible dirty politics that she has played all along.

I've been reading Daily Kos for a while and everything I've learned about Hillary is appalling. From the race baiting in many forms: comparing BO to Jesse Jackson in South Carolina, altering images to darken him to accentuate his race, dismissing states as unimportant if there's a huge African American population to lying about his policy positions or role on committees (his committee doesn't decide Afganistan issues)she just seems so power hungry at any cost.

She is bashing Barack Obama in ways that McCain will use against him in the general election. She is appealing to people's fear.

Dirty politics.

This is exactly why Obama has resonated so much with voters--he's NOT playing dirty politics. He is inspiring people. He is sticking to the issues and being reasonable and clear.

Last I heard, HRC's gain was only about 7 delegates or so. Obama picked up a lot with the caucus. Everywhere I read it says that the math doesn't and won't add up. For Clinton to overtake Obama's lead, she'd have to win everything by double digit margins--that's not going to happen. But, she will argue that Obama hasn't won the big states and those are the places that you need to beat McCain...

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