Monday, March 24, 2008


4,000 and Counting

4,000 U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq. We've been occupying the country for 5 years now. Whether or not you believe that it was a good thing for us to invade Iraq--without any holds of weapons of mass destruction, with no terrorist threat to the rest of the world, with no nuclear bombs in the making, with no connection to 9/11, and despite Saddam Hussein's tyranny, a relative freedom for Iraqi women--everyone must acknowledge that it is nothing more than a quagmire now.

By way of comparison, we entered, fought and won World War II in the span of 4 years. At least, we stopped the gobbling up of nations by other nations. What have we achieved in Iraq?

4,000 of our sons and daughters are dead. How many Iraqi citizens have died? 80,000 or so?
Or is it much, much more than that? Freedom through death? Democracy through occupation? Is up down, really? I've never thought so.

Let's get out of Iraq. No more war...

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