Sunday, March 2, 2008

Under Cover Cop...

My son is in a play. A play that will have had 12 productions! Today is the 12th. He is tired and I am tired and my husband is tired and my daughter is tired. Drama is tiring. I'm not talking about the usual drama that occurs here on a daily basis. You know the kind where someone touched someone first on the couch--no I didn't!--yes you did!, or the kind where someone seemingly got a hair's width more of some treat--their piece is bigger!--no it's not!--yes it is! We're all used to that drama. I don't like that drama, but it's not the same kind of tiring as 2 shows on a Saturday with me working in the green room all day.

As a green room mom, it's my job to help the kids however they need it when they're in the green room in between their scenes. Yesterday, I worked 2 shows so I was there for 9 hours. I handed out band aids, popped microwave popcorn , played cards with my son and a friend of his, tracked down a dad to come pick up his daughter with her very sore throat and teary cheeks. One of my main jobs is to make sure the kids all have their over-sized men's shirts on when the eat anything or drink anything--even water.

It was made very clear to me at a parent's meeting that the costume people really need the costumes to stay in pristine condition. The kids really must wear their cover-ups properly. They need their torso covered and their legs.

I became the cover-up cop yesterday and I didn't like it. Neither did the teen aged girls that I hassled. I told one girl to please go get a cover-up and she said that she did have one on--it was an unzipped hoodie that didn't cover her legs at all. Sometimes kids are wearing old choir robes or bathrobes as cover-ups, so the contrast between that and a little hoodie is glaring and extreme.

Finally, I spoke with the head of the costume department and she said if their front is covered, if the hoody is zipped they're OK. She said they're not going to listen to us any way so it's the best we can hope for.

Good. I'm not cut out to be a cop--under cover, cover-up or otherwise.

This is not me.

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