Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Guess What's Living in Our Canoe?

Guess what's living in our upside down canoe in the backyard that we have no room to store anywhere properly! This...

The kids think the opossum is absolutely adorable! My son has named it Nibbles and my daughter and son both wanted to know how exactly you fold a cloth diaper because they were threatening to go out there and put a diaper on it and teach it tricks.

To them Nibbles looks like this,

So sweet!! They take a hand mirror and angle it just so to get a good look at Nibbles in the reflection.

To me Nibbles looks like this,

Not only do I see the opossum like this, I also think it will lunge out at the kids and chew their faces off or gnaw their ankles to the bone or some other little kid/threatened wild animal interface that would not be good for the kids or the opossum.

We are staying away from the canoe for the time being. Opossum feeding has been abruptly suspended too, much to the dismay of my crackers-in-the-backyard-scattering kids.

I am such a buzz kill.

1 comment:

Shez said...

ROFL, you are a mom after my own heart. Loved the pics. We have a creature that scurries across our deck. My husband tells me it is an opossum, however, I've only seen it's back as it scurries along. It was good to see a pic or two.

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