Saturday, March 29, 2008


You know what's fun? Listening to three little girls at sewing circle talk excitedly about Shakespeare--Daughter has a Jim Weiss CD that features excerpts from Midsummer Night's Dream and The Taming of the Shrew. She loves it. Daughter's friend had a book about Much Ado About Nothing. Isn't homeschooling great?

I was not homeschooled (very few were way back then). I remember having giggly, fun conversations with my friends when I was 7 years old, but I don't remember even knowing who Shakespeare was at that point.

I was more of a H.R. Pufnstuf kinda girl.

While it was a fun show, it's not exactly Shakespeare. Jack Wild plays Jimmy and in Oliver he was the Artful Dodger--so, he's British, but that's as close as it gets. Right ya ah, Govenah!

I'm glad that we have the freedom to homeschool here in this country. In some places in the world it is illegal. Really, whatever works for each family should be what they have a right to do. We are all of us responsible for our own children--that includes educating them. Some choose to do that themselves and others turn it over to teachers in public or private schools. Nonetheless, parents are still ultimately responsible for their own children. I think schooling can take a bit of that understanding away without anyone really realizing it's happening. They are your kids. They are your responsibility.

There are all sorts of reasons why we homeschool. One of them is my 7 year old daughter's excitement about Shakespeare. That, and my kids can wear life jackets and wrestle each other to the ground. It's not all heady intellectualism around here, you know.

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