Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Can't Post Today...Ironic, no?

I can't post today. I have too much to do. Way too much.

We're going to a homeschooling conference! Whoopee! Hurray!

I'm presenting a workshop, with my friend Unnamed, for 31 kids and I'm still scrambling around here getting things made and prepared.

I can't wait to go to all of the workshops, my kids can't wait to go to their workshops and my husband is joining us this year. He has always been fully supportive of anything I want to do with the kids, and he does a lot, so he has never felt the need to attend a homeschooling conference. I understand that as he has routinely walked out of meetings at his job with the excuse that he has work to do...and so they now usually gear meetings so that the important stuff involving my husband is first and he can then walk out of the meeting to "do his work". My husband doesn't really like being talked at. "To" is different than "at". I get that and have never urged him to come to the conference. But, atypically, this year, he has decided to come. It's going to be a blast.

My kids are participating in a few acts for the talent show. The kids from our homeschooling group are doing a joint act. My husband is joining in for one with my daughter and a ukulele. I am the Talent Show Coordinator so I will be emceeing the show for two hours. Gulp! I'm not good with public speaking. I get all breathy and I tend to dither. I told my kids how nervous I am about it and my daughter told me to pretend that the audience is one big friend. Again, out of the mouths of babes. Will do daughter!

We are also going to go against the compact and buy stuff! Any cool art supplies or Medieval Ages action figures or grow-your-own prairie in a pot kits are coming home with us. This is the kids' education we're talking about, and they get to get stuff at the once-a-year conference. We won't get cheap junk, but things that enrich the kids' lives and support their interests, whatever they may be.

I won't be posting for a few days. Think angry thoughts about intolerant folks, don't buy anything new, closely follow all political happenings, go recycle something and remember pop culture from the 60's, 70's and 80's and you'll have a sense of this blog for yourselves until I return.

Got to go. I've got pies to bake and hats to make.

Go ahead and guess what the workshop theme could possibly be.

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