Monday, February 23, 2009

Winter's Last Hurrah...Maybe

We got a good couple of inches of snow a couple of days ago, so we could take the kids sledding yesterday. They love to go sledding. They get completely bundled up and don't mind the cold. I used to hate to take them sledding or any outside activity in the Winter time when they were little kids. It took an impossibly long time to get them bundled up, the layers upon layers, and then they would be too cold after a couple of minutes. I joked that it took a half hour to get them properly dressed and then we would only go outside for 5 minutes, but I don't think I was really that far from the truth.

Look how much fun they had sledding:

Too pooped to pull.

Man down.

Race ya...

The place we go sledding has a giant resevoir that fills with flood water in the Spring and Summer and makes a great sledding crater in the Winter. It is right next to a parking lot in a big park. The parking lot gets plowed and the snow gradually builds up through the winter into a giant mountain. The kids were done with the sledding and then went over to the mountain to explore.

They loved it up there. And then they saw me down below in the parking lot taking pictures of them. They started to throw snow balls at me. "OK. But, just don't hit me!", I naively yelled up to them. They thought that was hilarious. "Really, you guys. Don't hit me, because that will probably hurt...I mean it!!"

She missed.

Oops. "Sorry, Mom! Are you OK?" My son nailed me, and then we went home.
Aaah. Happy Winter memories. Good times. ( I was OK.)


DoulaMomma said...

the mountain pile sort of looks like they are in far away Iceland or the moon or something!

Laura said...

You're right--the mountain of snow was really big and covered in dirt--it looks like rock.

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