Saturday, February 21, 2009

Plans for Spring

Do you have any gardening plans for Spring? We are just starting and we really don't know what we're doing.

I have planted perennials in the past. Things like lavender and echinacea and some ubiquitous suburban hosta. I've planted tomatoes and zucchini and even a pumpkin vine that, unbeknownst to us, went shooting into the neighbors' yard where they very kindly mowed around it until we found out about it and saw that the only pumpkin was growing over there. We pulled the vine through back to our side and it grew a teeny, tiny green pumpkin that eventually blushed a little orange on one side. Poor thing. We've never really had a sizable vegetable garden.

This year, we want to grow tomatoes--lots of them. I want to make my own tomato sauce, catsup, pizza sauce, etc. I want to grow Napa cabbage to make more kimchi. Can I just say here that the kimchi I made is positively delicious? My gut flora thanks me every day. I want to grow lettuce and peas and zucchini and perhaps some broccoli.

I want to make a raised bed and enrich it with compost--as soon as we have some compost with which to enrich it. We want to make a compost pile with which to enrich our garden.

Inch by inch and row by row, gonna make this garden grow...


FoodRenegade said...

We haven't gardened in years, but are hoping to plant an edible landscape in our front yard this year. It's coming down to the wire, though. I really should be buying seeds right now, but my money's budgeted for other things right now.

If we don't get a garden in, we'll definitely be signing up for a CSA share again. I LOVE all that fresh produce!

Laura said...

Hi FoodRenegade.

What are the plants you're considering for your front yard? I would like to plant herbs or fruit in front--something other than what we currently have.

Thanks for visiting!

Heather said...

We just bought our first house last summer, so I'm planning my first garden in years!

I'm planning to do a Square Foot Garden, with raised beds and all-new growth medium instead of the existing soil ("Mel's Mix").

I'm also going to do some hanging baskets. I've just found out about this cool method of lining a wire basket with sphagnum, filling that with soil, and then you can grow stuff out the top, sides, and bottom of the basket!

I'm also going to be growing tons of tomatoes, I'm having too hard of a time finding vast quantities of fresh local paste tomatoes here -- where we lived previously, I had a great CSA and several organic farms in the area where I could get whole bushels of Romas. Not here, so I'll have to grow my own!

I'm trying three varieties of paste tomato, Roma, San Marzano, and Maria. And of course, peppers, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, green beans, etc etc

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