Friday, February 6, 2009

Is it Kefir, or is it a Pet?

My son, through a long and increasingly earnest list of comprehensive questions, has discovered that kefir is a living organism. Oh my God!! That is soooo exciting. He has decided to brew his own jar. Yesterday afternoon, I gave him some of my grains and I showed him how to gently swirl it in the milk and explained that in the morning or early afternoon, the milk will have converted to kefir. Amazing!

Later in the evening I asked him if he'd like to swirl the jar. "No. You can do it. Thanks." And he went back to happily playing with his sister.


He even drank a glass of my kefir, not hidden in a fruit smoothie as usual. I was so impressed. Kefir can be quite tangy and not at all sweet, unless you sweeten it. Which we did with honey, maple syrup, and then flavored with vanilla and cinnamon. He liked it and thinks he will be able to drink kefir more often. (!!!!!!!!!) My daughter tried it and didn't like it, but didn't mind eating a grain, which will also impart good stuff to her gut.

I have Kefir Kids!

Now, how can I get them to eat liver...


TulipGirl said...

We drank kefir when we lived in Ukraine -- just called it "drinkable yogurt" for the kids. But I bought it there, not made it. And here in the States it is so expensive.

I'd like to try to make it, and have followed your links elsewhere on the site. But. . . we now live in Florida. Things mildew and mold and go bad SO quickly. Makes me nervous about anything like this.

Laura said...

It brews up more quickly in warmer weather. You could just watch it and stick it in the fridge when it's done--even if that means 12 hours of brewing rather than a full day.

Laura said...

How long did you live in Ukraine? Was it a culture shock to come back to the States?

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