Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Kids Are Thinking About Their Future

My daughter just asked me, "Mommy, what will it be like when I have a wedding?" I answered, "It will be however you and your husband want it, and Daddy and I will try and help it be that way."

My son chimed in, "I hope my wife likes Star Wars, 'cause then we can be married on a replica of the Death Star."

Yes, that would be a very sweet, intimate and romantic spot. I'm surprised more people don't arrange that for their weddings.

Here, we can see what it might look like as the wedding party and guests fly towards the venue.

NOTE: My son just saw this post and said, "No! That's Death Star number 2!! I was talking about Death Star number 1!!" Clearly, I don't know what would be gauche and tasteless for a Star Wars themed wedding. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone with my positively clueless suggestion of Death Star number 2. What was I thinking?!


Breeze said...

silly can't have wedding on the wrong death star. lol

Laura said...

I know! I so easily show my ignorance of truly important stuff on a daily basis around here.

I hope my kids will put up with me when they're angry teens...I'm hoping to skip that part actually.

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Ha! What's bad is one of us knew it was the wrong ship...that one really needs to get out more.

It will be a lovely wedding.

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