Friday, February 27, 2009

Guess What We Got

After one of the kids' classes the other day, we went down the hall where there are a couple of resale shops. We bought:

  • A Folkmanis animal puppet
  • A 6 ft. stuffed snake
  • A heavily lidded purplish stuffed lizard of some sort
  • A small stuffed mallard that talks in triple quacks
  • A large stuffed mallard that doesn't talk
  • A very huggable stuffed raccoon with Velcro hands so he can tightly hold onto your hand
  • A small lamp to decorate
  • A small copper pot with lid that someone can use to make a bechamel sauce or pâte à choux
$24.08 total.

I hope there are other kids that still play with stuffed toys the way my kids do. They're missing out, if they don't. This particular group of stuffed toys came home with my son and daughter and blankets and pillows were thrown to the floor to become water and grassland and nests and there were extensive scenarios that were played out all the rest of the afternoon.

At some point, I'll get on the pâte à choux and maybe I'll make gougères or cream puffs or chocolate eclaires. Vive la $10 copper pot...

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