Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No Time to Post Today--Again

This has happened before. Real life takes precedence over cyber/internet/youtubes/google/blogspot/facebook/mothering.com/DailyKos/HuffingtonPost life. My real mother is here and my real father will be coming back from a lunch with friends shortly.

I'm enjoying hearing my mom read to my kids right now as I type this out. Earlier, my son wrote out a googol for my mother--a one with one hundred zeros. That's a big number.

Any way, see you cyber-people later. I have a real life to live here, you know. I know you're real too over there where you are. I don't mean to diminish your reality... But I don't interface with that--I just get pixels from you people, so it's not really real to me. Really.

So, no time to post.

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