Sunday, December 21, 2008

What are You Scared of?

What are you scared of? What scares you and fills you with dread and makes your skin crawl? I can think of several things for me. I wish it was only a few, but I don't like certain things and I can't imagine ways I could possibly overcome it.

I know some people don't like to fly and so they work very hard to distract themselves on flights or they drink some wine or try to nap. They get through it somehow, mostly intact.

Some people battle with different phobias and have to trick themselves out of it. Or, they have to face the fear down and try to conquer it rather than trying to make peace with it.

Whatever works.

Some people can do anything and don't have phobias, but fear for their loved ones' safety. They worry that their kids will get hurt or ill. They worry about their older parents. They worry about the planet.

Me? I fall more into the phobia camp--I'm scared of heights. One time, I froze up for a couple of seconds at the top of an escalator. All of a sudden, I was terrified. And then, I forced myself to carefully hold the railing and carry on. I was OK by the time I got to the bottom. It was silly and irrational and came on so quickly and powerfully.

I know lots of people are not scared of heights. I do think, however, that a lot of people would be scared to make a trek on the side of a mountain on nothing but planks and with only chains to hold onto. "What in the world are you talking about, Laura?!", I hear you saying. "That is patently ridiculous!!", I hear you arguing. Yes, reader, I know it sounds ridiculous except that there is the mountainside in China and there are the pictures to prove it. Go ahead and look...if you dare. I give you Mount Hua in China:


TulipGirl said...

I felt dizzy and unsteady just LOOKING at those pictures!

(Btw, stumbled across your blog when looking for the origin of the phrase "Little Dickens". . . kept reading 'cause of the discussion of unschooling. . .)

Laura said...

Hi TulipGirl!

Amazing where you end up on searches, isn't it?! We go zipping around all the time--earlier tonight we found out why there are end papers in books.

Eventually the dots will add up in all sorts of meaningful ways!

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