Saturday, December 20, 2008

We All Excel at Something

Yesterday, my brother e-mailed all of our family to let us all know that his son, my nephew A., had scored the highest in his sophomore class on the PSAT test. He scored pretty darned well at that. We're so proud of him.

Tonight during dinner, my husband taught my son to cross one eye...he now can look directly at you with one eye, and the other one goes wandering into the center like some lost patient with inner ear problems. The eye lists into the center and there's nothing you can do about it. It creeps me out.

My son, however, can not make his eyes go out--he can not make them walleyed. I'm sure he will continue to try though.

My daughter can not do this one eye crossing trick. Instead, she can lift the right side of her upper lip and sneer kind of like Elvis. She got those genes from me--I can also do this. We often sneer at each other for fun as we go about the house. We both can also do the same thing to the bottom lip on the other side. So you can get a good smushed mouth on an angle when you do both moves at the same time.

Do you know what this all means--my nephew's superior scores, my son's one eye crossing ability and my daughter's Elvis sneer?

We all excel at something.

You remember that the next time you feel down.

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Tamsen/again, sigh said...

It's a PUMA, that upper lip up, lower lip down, and that's the only thing I remember learning my first year at college. My son can do it. My granddaughter wants to do it and probably will since she's only 1. My husband and daughter just shake their heads sadly, thinking they are sad because we're dorks but they are really sad because they can't do it. But the eyes -- well you've got me there. Maybe if I practice.

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