Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Quote of the Week from Idabel Oklahoma

Check out the new quote of the week,

Ummm...uh...duh..four brains working as one and we can't think of none. Well get back to you on this.

from the four women of Idabel Oklahoma.

Do you know why I love this quote? Because it's so honest and forthright and fearless. I love people who can 'fess up to things and try to give no matter what.

We're not looking for the most absolute profound here, real is real good and is often not easily found. These women are real.

Thanks Idabel! Thanks for contributing.

1 comment:

DoulaMomma said...

Mine does too - birth stuff that I think he doesn't care about - same with my boys - they come up with some pretty unusual knowledge for the average kid!

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