Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Husband Knows Things

My husband surprises me all the time. He knows things and it sneaks up on me. I don't realize he knows the things he knows. You know?

Today, as I was knitting, he asked, "Could you please go do x, y and z after you finish the row?" He knows that I always need to finish a row of knitting before I leave it, or I might get messed up.

"finish the row"--my husband knows that!

He also can expound at length on: why breastfeeding is normal and healthier for baby and mother both, why homebirth is safe and natural, how unschooling works and why, why we support a farming co-op where we get raw milk.

I think he's not listening, but he is. He hears me...mostly. *Charlie Brown's Teacher's voice here*


TulipGirl said...

Gotta love husbands who know things. . . we were over at a relative's whose baby was fussing, and Hubby piped up right away, "I know they used to say crying was good for babies, but now research shows that crying to sleep isn't the best. . ." etc, etc. . . brought in cortisol and the whole bit!

Laura said...


I love when they know things...Yea your husband!

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