Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rod Blagojevich

With President Elect Barack Obama no longer holding the senate seat from Illinois, the good people of the Land of Lincoln need another Senator to represent us. Along with Senator Dick Durbin, hopefully, we can get someone good in there to represent the people's interests and to help further Obama's vision for our country. We need someone of integrity to move us forward towards sustainable energy, good agricultural policy, and initiatives that energize education, urban planning, small businesses--the kinds of policies that help ordinary people get healthy and have opportunities for success.

Who can help us get someone good in there? Who has been entrusted with the job of choosing a successor? Who? Who has the good sense to judge character and ability? Who will put the people's needs ahead of industry and corporations? Who will act for us rather than for their own personal gain? Who?

Wait, no really, who? It's serious, this. We're not fooling around. It's important. This isn't all some game. We need good people. These are perilous times and we need public servants who will actually fulfill the stated duty of office and their mission of purpose. Seriously.

Who? Wait, who?! No not him!! He's a crook! He can't do it! He has only been for himself from the very beginning. You've got to be kidding me.

Rod Blagojevich.

Sometimes Illinois gets things right, and sometimes it's really, really wrong.


Tamsen said...

I've actually been thinking about you with all of this. What a bummer (gently said). I've known people like that (my professional life was in public service -- urban planning to be precise) and it hurts to be near, professionally or as a constituent. I've hailed, most of my life, from two states that are pretty low on the corruption list -- Minnesota and Nebraska -- but it has been there. In any case, let's hope this brings the sort of person you (and we) really need forward. And that all shall be well.

PS Gotta read the Tao of Pooh -- I've seen it for ages and just never picked it up. And don't feel you have to respond though I do check. You just make me think, and that's a good thing.

Laura said...

What do you think of Al Franken? Could he do a good job?

The Tao of Pooh is a great book. If you do read it, please let me know what you think of it. :)

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