Monday, December 15, 2008

That was a Great Break!

Our weekend:

I made banana bread with kefir soaked whole wheat flour. The kids love it. The recipe is from Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon and it always turns out nicely.

I soaked raw pecans in salted water overnight and then dried them in the oven at 150 degrees until they got crispy and so therefore retained their enzymes. Yum.

I made turkey patties with lots of garlic and cumin and sauteed them in butter. Delicious.

My kids performed at a nearby church: dancing, joke telling and singing with a group of other triple-threat kids. Boffo job everybody!

My son made pancakes for everyone this morning. Fabulous.

We made Christmas cards which I will mail out this week. Each of us drew part of a simple image on a blank postcard and then signed the back with our husband's idea and it was a fun project for us all. My daughter was responsible for the yellow star atop the green tree (my part), the brown trunk (my husband's), the red border and red ornaments (my son's).

My daughter started out with Dr. Seuss like stars and realized that she really liked the look of a Star of David instead. Plus, it was easier for her to make. So, in keeping with my family heritage, we are sending out Christmas cards that have a Star of David in a place of prominence. Merry L'Chaim!

We got a Christmas tree and it looks and smells so woodsy and Pagan all glittery with ornaments and lights in a corner of the living room. We all decorated it with our traditional ornaments and our new ones that we made the other day.

We played Crazy Eights.

My husband noticed and discreetly commented to me that my daughter's fancy goldfish looks particularly buoyant. It's floating at the top of the water...I don't think that's good.

To the kids, I read Calvin and Hobbes, Foxtrot and The Gift of the Magi, which moved them both very much.

To myself, I read more of The Audacity of Hope--it's a good book. Obama's a good writer.

I did a load of laundry, dried it overnight on the bar in the laundry room and then had a sorting party with the kids on my bed in my room.

It was a fun weekend. What did you do this weekend?

Any more ideas for the Quote of the Week? Who blew your mind this weekend? What did they say? What did you read? What did you do?

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