Saturday, December 6, 2008

Flour, Salt, Water Creations

Here they are. Here are our two cookie sheets of decorations. Some may be a little spirited, but 'tis the season of good spirits and, um...feisty...OK. My son likes monsters. He's just like Calvin and is very much inspired by him. What are you going to do?

Bundle up--it's cold! Wear your mittens and hat!

Hey, Daughter. How'd you get that fur to look so good on that stocking cap you made?

A garlic press? Wow! Crazy! Let's see a close up...

Mistle toe. Let's smooch...

Or, how about a kiss. Get it?

This one's purple.

That wreath is pretty, but why is that snowman so droopy?

Oh! Why, it's the traditional Christmas Blazing Sun!

Bulb burnt out. Let's put in a yellow one.

Here's holly and a Christmas tree.

How about a bell and a candy cane?

There's another Christmas Tree on this cookie sheet, and this one even has a trunk.

And here is my husband's teeny, tiny bowling ball and pin. Because that's traditional too.

Happy creating with all of your projects whatever they may be.


Sue said...

Those are great! What kind of paint do you add to the dough?

Laura said...

Hi Sue.

We started out adding a dab of my daughter's water colors--the kind that come in tubes, because that's what we had available. I think tempura paints would have been better. At some point, we switched over to several drops of food coloring--it worked fine.

grace said...

Oh, these pictures brought back memories! My mom made these with us when I was a kid. I'm so glad to see someone out there is still doing it! Do you make the applesauce and cinnamon ones too?

Laura said...

No, not for decorations. But, when I make play dough for my kids, adding veg. oil and cream of tartar, I will sometimes put in lavender oil, or cinnamon.

It feeds so many of their senses!

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