Saturday, August 16, 2008

Movie Recommendations from my Mom

After my post about wanting movie recommendations, my Mom came through and typed me up some ideas she had. And when I say "typed" I actually mean typed. As in, on a typewriter. My Mom is not comfortable with my Dad's computer and so uses her own typewriter. She is a mean typist too--very fast hands.

She suggested some Woody Allen, some foreign films, some Fellini. She thought I'd like Persepolis, an Iranian animated film. Did she also suggest period romance movies, something like Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth (oh my God--that stare...*faint*), or a film Noir like Laura? My parents love the song Laura and named me that...OK, so I'm not sophisticated like that character and not mysterious and my husband is not like Dana Andrews and we don't know anyone who is like Vincent Price. No. In fact, her other two suggestions weren't like that at all.

What did my rockin' 74 year old jazz piano playing Mom suggest that I watch? Not surprisingly, they both involve music.

First, she highly recommends the recent Martin Scorsese film, Shine a Light, which is a documentary about the Rolling Stones. My Mom is not a Stones fan. But, she now gets the Stones. She loved that film. It's in queue now Mom. She also recommends a movie called, Young at Heart, which is about a bunch of 80 year old singers whose repertoire is comprised of rock and roll and punk...They are young at heart.

In light of all of this rockin' out exuberance, lets hear some music. Thanks for the movie ideas Mom. How did you get so cool? No, seriously.

Here's some Stones for you. Check out John Lennon and Pete Townsend in the audience too...


DoulaMomma said...

Your mom sounds pretty cool!

I heard a great segment on public radio about the "Young At Heart Chorus" - check it out:

Laura said...

Thanks doulamomma--I'll go check that out.

You would never know how cool my mom is from just looking at her. She looks like a nice, trim, with it suburban Grandma. But she's not particularly trendy. Like my kids, she's not brand conscious either. So you don't know the cool that is lurking just beneath the surface. Kind of a lesson there, isn't there? Something about a book's cover.

She is also for the legalization of pot, although she's never tried it...but, she's not particularly for it if you're her 15 year old daughter...just sayin'

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