Friday, August 15, 2008

Lust for Life

The kids were watching the Olympics and finding the interviews with the athletes interesting. They also liked certain commercials. My kids haven't been exposed to a lot of TV other than public TV stations and whatever DVDs we get from the library or from Netflix. They're not brand conscious. They don't care about clothes or toys or electronic gizmos of a certain manufacturer. There is no cool associated with things other than if the thing is inherently cool, like a cicada shell, or kittens or Wii. They've visited their cousin's Wii and they are hooked. Things seep in very quickly.

After seeing a commercial, the kids want us to change over to Comcast, even though they don't know what Comcast is, in order to get the free Wii that is offered. They don't know that there will be entrapping details like a certain mandatory length of time with them or a certain rate that then goes up after a few months--stuff like that. Now the kids are saying, "Comcast Mom! A free Wii!! Come on!" Uh, no. Nice try sucked in kids, but I'm stronger than that. There may be a Wii in your future, but it will be when we are ready and on our terms, not theirs. In the mean time, you'll just have to visit Wiis.

Another commercial I noticed was one for Royal Caribbean cruise line. It features Iggy Pop's energetic quiting heroin rock anthem, Lust for Life. Do the Royal Caribbean folks know it's a song about being screwed over and being seduced by drugs, but rejecting them because you've now got a lust for life? It's not really about climbing a small rock wall set up on the ledo deck of a Royal Carribbean giant cruise ship. It's not about going for it on a jet ski! It's about not puking any more and being able to keep a little weight on and remembering to take care of the baby...maybe later there'd be room for a jet ski or two, but it's really about kicking the white horse's ass and saying goodbye to all of that.

Do they know that, or do they just dig how catchy the song is? I love the song and know the song and think of the new found energy that the reformed addict has to shower and eat and look for a job and get their shit together. That's the lust for life. That's what it means. I don't really think about mixed drinks and a tiny pool and food buffets filled with institutional food. Sorry Royal Caribbean.

Here's Iggy Pop singing it. Catch this Royal Caribbean executives. Enjoy.

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Shez said...

This was a very timely post for our family. Had to laugh at your list of cool things. We currently have a cicada shell on a saucer in the kitchen. Shira's been cooing over it for days.

My kids don't watch commercial TV at home. Today I had a check up with my dermatologist and the only available seats in the waiting room were in front of the TV. Normally my kids sit with their backs to it and read. There was not a chance of any reading going on, they were glued to the damned box.

While I was sitting there, Ben and Shira got to see a "news" report about a transgender model taking part in a competition. I then had to explain the concept of transgenderism.

When I returned from my doc's appt, the kids had a list of questions as long as my arm all because of their TV watching. I had forgotten how inappropriate some TV is for young children. We don't watch it so it is out of sight and out of mind.

My son discovered hand held video games when we were on vacation. He is begging for one but I know his addictive personality, so there is no way he's getting one. I don't want to have a daily battle over limits.

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