Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Last Hurrah...or, the Fun Continues!

Green pool with diving board and shadow, paper pool 3-I 1978
David Hockney

Our local pool is now closed for the season. All of the tan, bored looking college students have gone back to U of I, or Madison or Northwestern (we have really bright kids around here...) so there are no more lifeguards, or jaded concessions stand workers. Here. None, right here. However, a pool across town is still open and still has tan, bored looking college students (I don't know where they're going to school) so we homeschoolers are going to go there for a last summer hurrah...until we do the next thing that comes along, because we still have nice weather and we still have a lot of time in our increasingly busy schedules in between the newly starting Fall dance classes and music classes and acting classes and interesting field trips. In fact, we can have even more fun as the museums clear out as the other kids are going back to school--more elbow room and less noise.

Whether homeschooler or public schooler, what are your last summer hurrahs where you are? Do you do anything to celebrate the beginning of school? Do you do anything to celebrate NOT going back to school? Any NOT going back to school picnics?

Hasn't this Summer zipped by?!

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DoulaMomma said...

Just came home from a birth, which means I'm in the clear to take my kids to the beach (& the cool skate park across from the beach) on Friday if weather permits...if not, then we'll think of something else.
And we will try to get to the US Open!

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