Monday, August 25, 2008

Democratic Convention Tonight!

The kids and my husband and I are all going to pop popcorn and watch the convention together tonight. We will see all of the pomp and posturing and grand statements and we will have conversations about the electoral college and delegates and one person/one vote.

We will talk about protests and why people might be angry and how they show it, and whether it is covered by the media and how and why or why not. We will talk about commercials and who wants to sell us what. How do they show us their product? Why would they choose to show it that way?

We will talk about Hillary and maybe why she wasn't chosen as Obama's running mate. What does Biden bring to the ticket? Why did Obama want him?

Where is Delaware? Where is Denver, Colorado?

Why is that person yelling and wearing foam donkey ears? Why does that woman have on star shaped sunglasses? Why are their faces painted with 2008?

What does "smoke filled room" mean?

I think there all sorts of lessons to be gleaned from the convention...


Mama bee said...

Any idea if it will be broadcast online anywhere? We don't have a TV, but I'd kind of like to watch it.

DoulaMomma said...

mama bee:
will be streaming the convention.

here's my own blog entry for the day:

You know you're pretty focused on birth when you hear Hillary give a shout out to "our friends in labor" during the lead up to the Dem convention and you think, "wow- that's cool of her" and then realize she means organized workers and not birthing women!

Laura said...

lol, doulamomma.

How cool would it be if politicians did give a shout out to birthing women?!

We had homebirths through Homefirst, which is a doctor attended homebirthing practice. During the birth classes that we attended through them, they couldn't stress enough that the laboring woman is absolutely Queen for a day. She wants water? Three sets of hands will get her water. She wants to get in the shower or bath? She will be assisted by her husband or whoever. She wants a lower back massage? Someone will do it. She wants the lights off? They get switched off immediately.

The woman giving birth is the one in charge, even as she loses herself to the weird time warp of birth. It's her body, the birth of her baby. The doctors feel that they are like lifeguards at a pool--they don't jump in if you're swimming fine, they just do if you're in trouble, and then if you're swimming fine again, they sit back and are a calm watchful eye.

I really like your post!

DoulaMomma said...

Sad to say, you're lucky, Laura - you had birth the way (assuming all are healthy) it's supposed to by, imho...lucky because it's rare. I bet if there were more programs like Homefirst, with OBs attending, more/differnt people would embrace homebirth...but it's not the place that's of primary importance - it's that attitude. If you don't read it already, check out the latest post on Navelgazing of some lovely births attended by a doc she calls "Dr. Wonderful" - this is all related (!) to your post today, because Dr. Wonderful is in an Obama-supporting music video, "American Prayer"!
now perhaps if Obama is elected & some headway is made on healthcare...

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