Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Here we see John McCain and his wife Cindy as he offers up Mrs. McCain for a "beauty" pageant at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally...a beauty pageant that features topless women. Nice.

Previously, he got a little angry with Cindy, when she pointed out his thinning top, and had some strong words with her. Well, who doesn't get frustrated with their spouse from time to time? He was tired--it had been a long day.

Now let's see McCain suggest his wife join in on the topless pageant.



Anonymous said...

And what was classy about Bill having Monica suck on his dick? Oh, I forgot, "That's his personal life."

Laura said...

I'm tempted to delete the comment above because as you can see, it's someone bringing up Clinton when what we're talking about is McCain. McCain--not Clinton. Say it with me...McCain. See? It's not even close to Clinton. Do not be confused.

But I'm going to leave this comment up for all the world to see how a McCain supporter chooses to speak and how he chooses to address the issue at hand, which is, McCain suggested that Cindy McCain should enter the Buffalo Chip Beauty Contest, where the contestants go topless. I'll say it again--classy.

Why would you try to deflect away from what McCain did by bringing up the memory of Clinton's indiscretions unless what McCain did was reprehensible and attention needs to be turned away? Aha!

See--your smart ass comment proves the point. McCain did something awful--look away--look over here! I said, over here! Clinton was bad too! Listen to me!!! Clinton/Monica!! Clinton/Monica!! Bad guy!! Over here--away from McCain!!

Be sure to visit any time. I welcome such wordsmiths as yourself at my blog and I like hearing intelligent, lively political discourse. You make it so much easier for me to make my points. Thanks!

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