Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Learn Nothing Day!

Happy Learn Nothing Day everyone! I hope you all enjoy the various ways you find today to give your poor, beleaguered brains a rest. Give 'em a break! They work so hard for you all of the rest of the year, just for one day let them have the day off too!

We, unfortunately, will have to bow out of the festivities today or, with a lot of perseverance, redouble our efforts and get back on the learning nothing track. You see, my daughter already learned something new today, despite it being Learn Nothing Day. Darn it! Really, she almost started learning the moment she got out of bed!

She cooked my son and I French toast and scrambled eggs. The kids have both made scrambled eggs before, but my daughter wanted to learn how to make French Toast today and, as a principle, I let my kids learn whatever they'd like to. In fact, I encourage it. I support them in their learning. I guess I blew it, didn't I?!

My kids are Unschoolers. We don't use a curriculum. Today is supposed to be their day, their time, to give their natural inquisitiveness a rest. Just take a break already! Quit learning--you don't have to today! We get the day off like everyone else! You don't have to learn all year round--for this one day at least, you get a holiday...

Oh well. Maybe next year. Maybe I need to prep my kids better for this day.

For next year, do you have any advice as to how to get my kids not to learn on this day? It's only 9:30 in the morning and I can almost bet you there will be even more learning throughout the day...

Darn it!

UPDATE: My son is at a playdate. My daughter has a friend over here and they're playing that they're from the 1930's and have time-warped to the present. They know that bread cost 9 cents back then and is much more now. What else will they learn about the Depression? Blast these kids--stop your brains!! Stop connecting the dots!! Stop making sense of the universe and absorbing it all--you're wrecking Learn Nothing Day!!

We'll see what my son learned after he gets home. Darn him as well!

UPDATE II: My son is reading himself to sleep every night with The Dangerous Book for Boys. He's learning all sorts of stuff about all sorts of stuff. Today, when he got home from his playdate, he told my husband about what he had read about the Navajo code used in WWII by the Americans. My husband explained that it was better than a "code" in that it was in fact a language, unrelated to any other, and therefore unbreakable as a code. My son pronounced it Nava-joe. Then, we corrected him and my husband explained more things about it that he knew. So, my son learned about all of that.

Darn learning kids. They won't take a break even when they have the chance.

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