Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who Is Not Ready to Be Commander in Chief?

With his tour through Iraq, Afghanistan, other Middle East countries and a few countries in Europe, Obama is showing a high level of comfort, seriousness and ability to speak and listen...those all seem like good skills for a leader, don't they?

Here, we see Obama listening intently to General David Petraeus.

Here we see Obama waving to soldiers and them waving back. Seems like lots of mutual respect and appreciation for each other. Obama voted for the recent GI bill that passed the Senate, despite McCain skipping out on the vote. These soldiers know when they get home, they have a better chance at a better future with a college degree paid for by the GI bill. They look appreciative, don't they?

Here we see General Petraeus listening to Obama.

These are just pictures. They're snippets of time captured and may or may not mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. But they all seem to capture a certain grace and ease and ability that's been missing for years in the Commander in Chief. There may be good humor, but there's no silliness. Obama seems dignified and not a high-fiving frat boy like Bush has always seemed.

For me, these images collectively add up to a great picture of Commander in Chiefishness. Obama is filled with commander in chiefablility.

In a word, he's chieferiffic! See? I could never be Commander in Chief, because I'm silly. But, that works perfectly for parenting my kids and wifing my husband...


Holly said...

I couldn't agree more:)

Natalie said...

Hi! Found you through another blog--maybe Pioneer Woman? Heck, I don't know, but I love that you're a raw milk drinker--we are too! Can I ask you a question about kefir? I've made it from the raw milk and I do it in my dehydrator. Do you use store bought starter and then make more batches from that? The starter I found was crazy expensive and I'm wondering if there's less expensive alternative.

Laura said...

Hi Natalie!

I use actual kefir grains, which you can get from someone...

You can then make limitless kefir. If you keep your grains alive, you can use them indefinitely. You have to feed them, they'll grow, and then you can give others your extras.

How did you discover raw milk? Why do you drink it? How much do you pay? (If you don't mind me asking!)

Natalie said...

We started drinking raw milk about 3 years ago. My sisters both belonged to herd shares (in CO and UT) and were really strong supporters of the health benefits of raw milk. Started researching and liked what I was discovering. We were about to give up dairy because I felt it gave my kids terrible constipation if they drank milk (isn't that great that I'm bringing up poop on your blog?). So I found a herd share program where we lived, which was in Ohio at that time. If you can believe it, I paid $5 a gallon! So cheap! I went to the farm and got it out of the tank myself and it was usually fresh that morning. So delicious!

When we moved to CO we joined a herd share here and it's $10 a gallon. It was a bit of a price shock, but we think it's worth it. We get a gallon a week. Now my kids can drink as much as they want and no constipation at all. As long as we can afford it, I'd never drink conventional milk. Have you ever made ice cream from it? YUM!

Thanks for the kefir info. I'll need to track some down.

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