Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mortar and Pestle

Yesterday, my son excitedly came to me with the 10 cicada shells he and my daughter had collected from our maple tree in our back yard. So cool to see them. Part of the shell even includes their eyes. Cool!

The kids ran off and then my son excitedly returned from the kitchen with the cicadas in my marble mortar and pestle that I use to grind up spices...Uh, no. No!! No you can not grind up the cicada shells in the mortar that I use for food. Yes, I know that would be cool to see how powdery they could get, but no you may not do it! Ick.

He went outside to use a rock on the patio instead.



Mama bee said...

Cool exoskeletons...but grinding them up?! At least you caught him beforehand. He's definitely curious and creative.

Aarav sinha said...

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