Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh. My. God.

I just discovered this.

My kids had a friend over for a playdate and I made them popcorn for a snack. Real, although I'm sure probably genetically modified (damn Monsanto!), popcorn that I popped in a pan on the stove. I melted butter and mixed it all up and served them each a bowl of it. There was leftover popcorn...I had a chocolate craving...we had chocolate chips...what to do?


Yeah. That's buttered popcorn with some chocolate chips thrown in and slightly melted in the microwave--just enough to soften up the chips a little. Yeah. I know.

The kids were busy watching a Star Wars movie of some sort involving droids of some kind and various creatures who may or may not look like a toad...only kidding! Jabba the Hut does look like a toad!! So, I got the chocolate popcorn all to myself, although I tried to share it with my husband and he declared it to be gross, without even trying it. Hmm. Which children does that remind me of? Let me think...

You should know this about him--he is no foodie, so his assessment of this most excellent snack combo is not to be trusted. He's just wrong. I even tried to make him understand it--"It's like caramel corn!" I said. He said, "That's gross." No. I don't believe he actually thinks that--he just didn't want to lose a food argument to me.

Let's take a closer look.

God, I know--groan! Can you imagine the chewiness of the popcorn coupled with the smooth silkiness of the chocolate with various degrees of meltedness and the salty buttery flavor infused throughout?

Yeah. Tell me about it.

I usually do not have sugar. Well, except for my coffee every day, but that's sucanat so I'm rationalizing that it's a whole food...I don't eat white flour of any sort--well, except for the occasional chocolate croissant from Trader Joe's. But, really I'm pretty good about not eating very many grains of any kind, eating whole foods, lots of organic produce, raw milk, grass fed meat, pastured eggs, etc. But, sometimes. You know sometimes I just have to let go.

My husband doesn't know what he's missing. Pity...


Mama bee said...

Ooh, that does look good. I think you're benefitting from a disinterested husband. After all, that means more for you!

Laura said...

Hey mama bee,

Well, that's a double edged sword that whole "More for me!" thing...

I can maybe make this for my self on a very limited basis only.

You can try it though--belly dancing has to burn a lot of calories!

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