Wednesday, July 9, 2008

That's so Hawt!! or One Thing Leads to Another

Paris Hilton, posing and looking hawt.

Paris is hawt. She wears hawt things that are girly and at the same time oh so sexy--that's just so hawt. But, is she as hot as lava? No!! Is she as hot as a laser cutter? No. What about lightning or the surface of the sun? No. Hawt, but not hot really.

How do we know all of that? Maybe she is as hot as a laser cutter. Maybe she is like lightning. We shouldn't be hatin' like that. It's not nice to prejudge even with seemingly obvious targets like Paris. Well, we know because we just looked up the relative temperatures after watching some inspiring volcano eruption videos. Those led to a series of Mount St. Helen eruptions which led to a conversation about pressure and force and the knocking down of forests and buildings and volcanoes' ability to create new land.

My daughter said that a volcano can create new land and then knock it down. Yep.

How hot is lava? It ranges from 700 degrees celsius to 1200 degrees celsius. OK, but how hot is the core of the earth? It's around 5,000 or 6,000 degrees celsius. Is a laser cutter that can cut through steel hotter than lava? Good question son, let's find out. Mild steel (and what is that exactly?) melts at 1515 degrees celsius, so a laser cutter IS hotter than lava. Wow.

What about lightning? That has to be pretty hot. Yes, it is very hot, in fact hotter than the surface of the sun. Say what? Yes. Really. The sun is 6,000 degrees celsius and a lightning strike is 30,000 celsius. Wow again. How do people survive a lightning strike? It's amazing and lucky that they do. How do things not catch on fire every time they are struck with lightning?

I didn't discuss the hawtness of Paris Hilton with my kids--just the hotness of the sun, lightning, lava, the earth's core and laser cutters. My kids don't know about hawt, just hot.

What have your kids learned recently? Where did your conversations lead you? And what do you think is hot, or hawt?

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