Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Purchase Confession...and a New Poll

We bought a new thing the other day. Yes, we did. I must confess. And so overpowering was the desire, the perceived need, that we didn't even flinch at the idea. We didn't even pause and reflect on how it would mess up our compact not to purchase anything new.* We just ran out and without thinking much about it got...


Woo hoo!! Aren't we completely decadent! Sorry, I probably shouldn't be so brazen and crass to brag about our material wealth like that. Kind of low brow, huh? Any way, we get hot water. Luxury, I tell you.

And actually, I think it is luxurious. To not have hot water pointed in a real tangible way to how completely spoiled we are and take these little every day luxuries completely for granted. And when I say tangible, I mean that I took a shower and went in there knowing full well that there was no hot water. People bathe without hot water all over the world every day. Have you ever had a completely ice cold shower? Try it if you haven't just to see if you could handle it. It was kind of a fun challenge--once.

I used less conditioner in my hair too. I didn't want to spend one second in there longer than I had to.

Which brings me to a new poll. (I know people already answered a poll a while ago about whether or not they leave the lights on in their house and I never have talked about it again. That's lame. If you participate in a poll, you should see the results, right? It's like when there's an asterisk and then you never find what it means at the bottom of the page. Gah! I hate that!! The result of the poll was that almost everyone turns off their lights. A couple of brave souls admitted that they sometimes turn off the lights. Thanks for being honest and for taking that poll. Now, on to this new one.) Please answer the poll at the side. What every day thing in your life would you miss the most? Say you lost your dishwasher because it broke, or someone burgled your house and stole your air conditioner...Which things would you miss the most?

I really missed our water heater. I'm glad to have it back again. Oops. I'm bragging again. Sorry.

NOTE: In the poll, you can vote for as many choices as you'd like. Maybe it's a tie between several things...You can also go change your vote, if you need to.

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Holly said...

I have taken an ice cold shower (in college when my rental unit water heater stopped working) and it was awful. Not on the hottest of days would the experience be considered refreshing! Enjoy the luxury:)

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