Sunday, February 10, 2008

Who's zoomin' who?!--Results

Remember my kids' project of sorting through the book shelves and sifting out the books they wanted to keep and piling up the books they wanted to sell to a used bookstore? Well they did sort and they did sell.

My husband took them a couple of days ago to the used book store and they put 4 Trader Joe's grocery bags filled with books on the counter and the guy looked them all over carefully and after surveying their value and totaling it all up, they got a whopping...$7.00. So that's a big $3.50 each.

It's a good thing that my kids have reverted back to seeing the value of the books within the pages themselves and not what they could get for them. They weren't too disappointed, but would have liked it if they could have each gotten more.

I should share that most of these books were purchased by me at the local library book sales throughout recent years, where I would get bags and bags of books each time. Some of the books were withdrawn from the library's shelves and added to the sale, and some were donated by library patrons. So, all of these books were used several times over and now have gone on to a used book store, where they'll get yet another life.

Good job, kids. Sorry you can't really add your proceeds to your college fund. Maybe you can buy a toy at a thrift shop or even...another book!


Gruppie Girl said...

Isn't it crazy how tough it can be to resell items that are in perfect condition.

Maybe they can buy another book....too funny!

Laura said...

Yeah, except these books weren't in perfect condition--far from it. They were great, old, worn books from library sales.

I just hoped that the process of the kids being responsible for organizing the books, and really seeing what they have and want to keep in the first place, and then selling the books, would help them value what they do have and appreciate how buying and selling works and that these things can have an additional life after they were done with them.

That's a long sentence.

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