Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Poll about the environment at left--please vote!

What are the 2 biggest environmental issues do you think? I've posted a poll at the left and I'd like you to vote. There are 10 choices, you may choose 2...I know they're all bad, but just choose the 2 that you think are the worst, most harmful, most egregious.

What makes you go "Oh shit!" Is it climate change, with all of its retreating glaciers and increased erratic weather and flooding and (seemingly contradictory) drought? How about bee colony collapse disorder or factory farming with GMO's and antibiotic use that leads to superbugs and their resistance? Deforestation? Air pollution? Acid rain? Nuclear waste? God, just how many ways can we screw with a good thing?

Please vote and next week I'll post the results.

I have to think about it myself. Just where are we mucking it up the worst?

Off to do some reading...

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