Thursday, February 14, 2008

Do You Realize That Life Goes Fast?

Do you realize that life goes fast and it's Valentine's Day?

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Go tell the people you love that you love them right now. Now. No, really, go. I'll wait.

Did you go tell them? Did you tell them that you love them and that you'd be lost without them and that they've changed your life forever and that they make you feel most fully yourself and that you love that you can just be around them? Did you hold their face in your hands and kiss them and hold them and tell them that you're so glad you're with them and that you admire them and respect them and think they're one of the very best people you know on this earth? Did you?? No. OK, go. I'll wait.

Did you tell them now? Good. Finally!!

Now, do you realize that you have the most beautiful face? You do. Really. (The secret is everyone does...) It's one of the first things that attracted your love to you. You're beautiful. Go look in a mirror and see for yourself. Go. I'll wait.


Happy Valentine's Day! Now, go tell those you love that you love them. Go tell them that they're beautiful. Do you realize that life goes fast? Go. I'll wait...

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