Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bill Clinton Backs Obama!!

Well, not really. Not in actuality, but in inference. See?

Back in 1991, good ol' Bill was campaigning for...


Go Obama! With Bill's support, you should really do well. Your campaign will certainly pick up steam, and...well, you'll for sure win lots of caucuses and primaries, and, uh... um... Most of the delegates will go for you because with Bill's support and his long time experience within the party and his long associations with the powers who shape... um... uh... you'll win the next 10 races. Oh... Wait a minute... OK. Maybe you'll win a few. At least you'll win South Carolina because Bill is so close to the people and he never puts his foot in his mouth... um... uh... he has a way with words because words are important... he can really rally the troops and, um his experience will certainly bring pressure to bear because... uh... OK.

Forget it. Never mind.

You're fine on your own Obama.

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