Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Poll Results About Largest Environmental Concerns

As in previous poll results, I'm going to pretend that each vote actually represents 1,000 people. It has more impact that way. Not that the people who actually did vote in the poll don't matter--because you do. And now, your import is even more so in that you each represent 1,000 people!!

14,000 people voted in the poll, What Are the 2 Biggest Environmental Concerns?

There was a three-way tie for what was deemed the most critical environmental concern: 35% of you, 5,000 people, thought that a Clean Water Supply and Clean Oceans, Air Pollution, and Factory Farming (with its use of GMOs and antibiotics) were the most concerning.

Climate Change and Deforestation were both next in line with the greatest concern from 28% of you, 4,000 people.

14% of you, 2,000 people, thought that Urban Sprawl was the most egregious concern.

As with the highest vote getters of most concerning issues, the issues with the least votes also resulted in a three-way tie. 7%, or 1,000 people, thought that Toxic Waste, Nuclear Waste and Strip Mining were most worrisome.

No one cared AT ALL about Acid Rain. Well, at least no one thought it was one of the 2 biggest environmental concerns. It's really kind of a form of air pollution caused by various emissions.

This was kind of a difficult poll, wasn't it? Everything has such great impact on other issues. It's almost as if they are all equally important. We need the trees that are being cut down at such an alarming rate to continue to pump out oxygen and prevent erosion. We need a clean food supply, so that GMOs don't cross pollinate and kill pollinators like butterflies and bees. Do the powers-that-be realize that butterflies don't like that Monsanto crap?! We need clean water, and livable environments that support us and nature. We need places for water run-off to be absorbed and filtered and go back to the water supply instead of another strip mall with a Subway, Blockbuster or apartment building. We need to breathe.

Come on, powers-that-be. Enact some policies that effect how we do business here in America and around the world. Create policies that help us all preserve for our progeny what was given to all of us.

Come on, people. See where you can make changes that can make a difference. People start pollution. People can stop it.

Thanks for participating. Rock the vote!

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