Thursday, February 28, 2008

They Try to Tempt Us...

Oh no. Oh no you don't. You are already on my hit list and you shouldn't be sending me any more catalogs soon, or so I've been told. You've been deleted.

Oh no you don't Mini Boden with your cute little cotton clothing for my daughter. You either Pottery Barn. I don't care if there are reduced delivery charges so I could get jute rugs with fabric borders delivered here more economically. No. Not even you Daedalus Books. I see that there are over 240 new titles, but the library has THOUSANDS of new titles and they're free...Yes, I know Mini Boden, that there's 10 % off if I buy now, but that's not going to happen.

Really, your persistence is admirable. But, I am up for a good fight and you guys simply won't win. I gave birth at home you know. Twice. I'm not afraid of you. Do you really think I'll be cowed by some slick, glossy magazine paper covered in pretty pictures? Do you?! You're are so primitive you catalog companies. You think you can dangle shiny things in front of our faces and we'll lap it up like little dogs jumping for a treat. People are catching on. I'm not alone in this. People are looking deeper, and are finding that things alone don't fill the holes in their lives. Even with aromatherapy and scented candles and bubble baths and a calm, soothing place set aside in people's homes, still they are starting to realize that real shifts in perception and calm come from within and not in buying $80 calming bubble bath despite what Oprah says.

Get real.

Meanwhile instead of buying your quality products, I'll watch my daughter lay bricks from her brick house building kit she got at Christmas. I'll watch as she mixes the mortar and water with her little trowel and carefully spreads a thin, uniform layer over a course of bricks.

I'll watch as my son gets out his Chinese calligraphy set and mixes the ink stick with water and swirls the brushes in and paints an abstract painting of his own design.

Although you are pretty, I'm looking for something more substantial around here these days. Surprisingly, we don't feel empty without you in our lives. I feel comfortable with us going our separate ways. I think...well, I think--and this is hard for me to say, and yet I must--I think...we should...start seeing other people...

Goodbye catalogs. It's me, not you.

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