Saturday, February 9, 2008

January Confession

It didn't occur to me that I would be in this position and yet, here I am. I have to confess. I must. I need to get it off my chest. Here goes.

We bought some new things in January...Don't hate me. I've already confessed about purchasing ballet shoes, tights and a leotard for my daughter. At the time, I thought it kind of was a health issue with the shoes, and I just wanted to get everything together for her quickly. As it turns out, more things were purchased in January.

My husband went out and bought shoe laces--new shoe laces. Otherwise, would he have gone to a thrift shop and bought shoes, with laces and then freecycle the shoes? Or, maybe they would have had a basket filled with them or something. Any way, he didn't even try on that one. My husband also bought wiper fluid for the car, but that doesn't count because if we don't have wiper fluid it's a health issue in that we won't be able to see through the salt film build up on the windshield and we'll hit someone and that's not healthy. Also, I went to a frame up shop and framed up a poster and two brass rubbings that the kids did when we visited London in October. Here they are,

(As an aside, our walls are not really raspberry colored, but I photoshopped this picture to make it brighter so you could see the people better and when I did that, the walls went from the terracotta that they are to the raspberry that they are not...not that there's anything wrong with raspberry. Some of my favorite walls are raspberry...)
My husband and I loved this poster. It was on the wall in the breakfast room of the little hotel we stayed at in Bloomsbury. We would sit there having our traditional English breakfast every morning before we went out and hit the town and we would enjoy this poster. It's so 1920's and British and of that time and place. So, I scoured cyber space for it, found it in guess where--London, and bought it for my husband as a Christmas gift. When it got here, I went and framed it up and rationalized that I was giving it to my husband and it was a CHRISTMAS gift which was pre-compact and where was I going to find a poster frame with glass in the exact right dimensions and that looked right for the poster?...that's what I said to myself.

The same with these rubbings that the kids did at St. Martin-in-the-Fields.



That's all for January. We did not buy a single new thing other than what I have now confessed. That's not bad, but it's not not buying anything new for a whole year is it? It is buying new stuff.

I would say that that's OK and we'll do better in February but we just bought a new furnace after our old one crapped out...but, that's a health issue. We can't live in a suburb of Chicago and not have a working furnace. Right??

We'll try to not get anything else in February. And for the record, we did go to a museum in January and we did not buy anything new there...


The Lazy Organizer said...

Very nice!

Are you sure you REALLY needed a new furnace? You could just have bonfires in your bathtub to keep warm. How fun would that be?

Laura said...

Lara,if you come all the way from the west coast with marshmallows, I'll light a bonfire in my tub :~)

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