Friday, February 22, 2008

French Translation. Bon jour France!

I looked at my stat counter the other day, and noticed that someone from Ile-de-france, Paris, France clicked on my blog after a google search for Cheap Trick at Budokan. They then had it translated into French by google!


I feel like I should be more sophisticated than I am. I feel like this should be no big deal...but, I can't help it!! It's a HUGE deal!!! THIS IS SO COOL!!

I'm not buying anything new, so I have to amuse myself with life instead. Not that cyber space IS life, because it isn't. But, I am sitting here typing away and the kids are playing behind me with battling robots that they built from a k-nex set and that they're having invade a doll house. Since they are children that IS life. It works for us.

All I know is that I feel like Steve Martin in The Jerk. He yelled excitedly that he was famous after seeing himself in print in the phone directory.

"I've been translated!! I've been translated!!"

Pitiful, ne trouves-tu pas?

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