Monday, September 8, 2008

When is a Shed Not a Shed?

When is a shed not a shed? It's when your talented, creative, fun, loving husband decides to put up a dividing wall in your ridiculously overly large shed and make a little playhouse for the kids. Who knew? Are you allowed to do that?! Yes, as a matter of fact you are.

Let's take a look...

Here you see the business end of the shed. Just beyond, is the upside down canoe which may or may not be sheltering some wild animal and our power lawn mower which has been supplanted by a reel mower, and a bit of the clothes line. Oh, and someone was thinking it would be fun to write on the shed with mud. Hmmmm. I think I might know who did that.

Well look at that--at this end are two little windows!

Look--a little table, some chairs, books, a notepad and a pencil and markers.

Here is a deck. This deck was made by my husband helping a colleague rip out his deck, taking the wood home, making the deck here and painting it. It turned out nicely didn't it? At the left, you see a little chair that Uncle D. made for the kids a couple of years ago from a single piece of wood. It was a Christmas present and the kids love it.

Well hello Mr. Ed!! I mean, here's the kids' dutch door.

Here is an out of focus view of inside the playhouse. See how great the door looks? It seemed a little out of square at first and I accused my husband of trying to remake the Hee Haw set, but it seems to be OK now.

There has been some discussion as to whether we would be dry walling the playhouse. I come down on the drywall side, my husband seems to think that's not very fortish. It's not very "Hey, let's plan an adventure because we're lively kids and we have vivid imaginations and we don't need no stinkin' walls in our private club/fort/playhouse area!" Maybe. On the right wall you see a nice broom and dustpan to keep the space tidy--oh and baby Megan can have a little nap right there too. If the kids want to have a tea, the tea set is right there just to the left of the cradle. My son is at the age now where he might want to sit out a tea party, but we do have guests who would enjoy it with my daughter. Binoculars--check! Deck of cards--check!

Reference area.

Seating area and The Daring Book for Girls. Do you know this book? Every bit as good as The Dangerous Book for Boys--full of interesting facts and and inspiring ideas.

Dividing wall. Some discussion as to whether we will paint a trompe l'oeil fireplace and mantle on the wall. My daughter seems to think we will do it and move her wooden kitchen in as well and my son seems to think that it is a stupid idea--no way! The discussion continues...In the meantime, you can stick a note or two up there.

Goodbye wood shack/fort/club/playhouse! See you tomorrow for more adventure planning!

Thanks husband for giving our kids this. It has turned out wonderfully so far, the kids love it and I love that you would even think to do this for them. You are a great Dad and the kids and I are lucky to have you.

Wait, I should probably just say that to you directly instead of writing it here and sharing it to all the world via cyber space. But, I'm going to make you read this post, so--hello! I love you!! The world should know that wonderful, loving, kind, fun people like you exist. You are what makes the world lovely.

But, maybe drywall would be a bit safer. I'm just saying. Just throwing it out there for a 30,000 ft. view. Just runnin' it up the ol' flag pole and seein' who salutes. Who's with me?


Bekki said...

Not sure what the inherent dangers are in NOT having walls.. are there sharp things poking out? Afraid an ill-timed fall will have them busting through the existing walls? Sorry... without more explanation, I gotta say I'm with your awesome hubby on this one. Forts do NOT have the comforts of home... it's just un-fort-ish. :-)

Laura said...

It seems kind of pokey, yes. Some of the uprights seem a little splintery. But, I agree with you guys that roughness is what we're going after here, and have achieved.

It is very fortish.

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