Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our Election From Your View

Hello overseas visitors! I'm glad to see you coming here, visiting and reading.

I thought that since a number of you visitors to this blog are from countries other than the United States, perhaps you could all lend some perspective on what you see happening here in the States during this election.

What is your take on it all? Who do you want to win--why? What do you think of our nominees' campaigns? What does your media say about it? What are your reporters asking?

What is unbelievable to you? What is shocking? What is surprising to you?

What is reaffirming to you? What makes you think it will all be OK here in the United States? Do you think it will all be OK?

Is this election a part of daily conversation where you are? Are people talking about it? What do your family and friends think about it all?

Takk, Terima Kasih, Xie Xie, Do je, Hvala, gracias, grazie, merci, tak, obrigada, ta, cheers, danke, kiitos, aitäh, dank u, ahsante, ευχαριστία, благодарственное письмо, gracias, tack, ありがとうございます。 (arigatou gozaimasu), ‏(الاسم) شكرا ل, (dhanyavaad), /dhan-vahd/, /Shuk-riyah /, תודה, 감사합니다 (gamsahamnida), dziękuję, pronounced [ʥɛ̃ˈkujɛ], diolch, Ca'm on, A (shaynem) dank, na gode, and thank you, I appreciate any answers you have for me.

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DoulaMomma said...

Maybe you've seen this already; if not...
Check here to see what many women of all ages/from all over have to say:


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