Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh, to be Awed!

We were driving to our field trip yesterday, and my daughter saw out of the corner of her eye a big, black limousine.

"Wow!! Look--a limousine!!!" she said with her unbridled enthusiasm and raw excitement and not a single filter in place. Pure. Guileless. Awed.

She has seen limousines before--it's not a completely new experience. But, boy is it exciting when she sees one again. Her excitement has nothing to do with any kind of notion of coolness, or prestige, or luxurious living. None of that is even a concept for her, it's not part of her understanding of the world. No. Her excitement and utter enthusiasm is because the limousine is a big, crazy long car.

May you forever find things in your every day life to be excited about, daughter--and you too son. I'm glad you can be awed even by a black limousine going down the road.

Life is cool. I'm glad you already know that.

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