Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How About Those Abstinence Only Programs, Huh?!

Obama is a gentleman and told his people that the fact that Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin's 17 year old daughter is pregnant is not anything for them to use politically. He reminded them that his mom had him at a young age and that the candidate's family members are not up for grabs. Classy, once again.

I, however, have no compunction and will slam this hypocritical bullshit. Republican family values any one? Abstinence only programs instead of sex education that tells you how not to get pregnant?! Moralizing about gays while you play footsie in a men's john?! No. This is dupicitous bullshit.

I guess just learning to say "No." and not learning how to use a condom doesn't always work... Huh. Go figure. Perhaps a little knowledge about how the body works and what you can do to prevent pregnancy might be in order.

Maybe people need to do more than just Join the Abstinence Movement.

Obama commented in his speech at the democratic convention that surely both sides of the abortion issue can agree on reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies...Or, the Republicans like Sarah Palin can teach their kids about the sacred nature of their virginity and then not tell them how to keep from getting pregnant.


Oh, along with abstinence only programs in the schools, Palin also wants Creationism to be taught alongside Evolution as a sort of competition of ideas thing--healthy for our children to be able to debate it, she thinks. But, I'm kind of questioning her judgment right about now, aren't you too? OK, maybe, but only if they'll include the Chinese universe in an egg creation story--that's my favorite. As a homeschooler, I can't help thinking that maybe they can go over that creation story during the Spring when they're tending the eggs in the incubator waiting for them to hatch. Get the tie-in?

Unit Study!!

'Cause it wouldn't be just one creation story in science class would it? No. It couldn't be--that'd be unamerican. We've got the whole no establishing of a religion right there as clear as day in the 1st amendment. Right? A public school couldn't use just one creation story if they were going to try to teach creationism in a science class. That would be establishing a state religion, like Iran or something. Silly! The Republicans wouldn't want to do that would they?! They believe in America--they say that all the time!! "Country First", right?

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