Saturday, June 7, 2008

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is

OK, so I ponied up. Yesterday, I gave the Democratic National Committee $25.00. Other than deleting my last name from Howard Dean's greeting to me, I have not altered his thank you e-mail in any way.

Here it is:

Dear Laura,

Thank you for your $25.00 contribution to the Democratic Party. We are
working tirelessly to beat John McCain and put Barack Obama in the
White House. Our 50-state strategy helped us take back Congress, and we
look forward to building on our majorities.

Building on that, you should take a minute to explore PartyBuilder -- a
suite of tools that allows you to take control of the future of the
Democratic Party not just by contributing, but by participating. The
Democratic Party belongs to you, and while your contribution is critically
important and absolutely necessary to build and maintain the
Democratic infrastructure and elect a Democrat in November, you have the right
to stand up and take control of the Party in ways that go beyond

Take a minute to explore PartyBuilder. Signing up takes less than a

PartyBuilder isn't the typical online tool set. Individual users
control most of the activity รข€“ from blogging, to setting up and
managing groups or activists, to organizing and managing real-world events,
and, yes, to fundraising, Democrats are entrusted to build both the
space and the Party.

Thank you again for standing up and taking control of the future of the
Party. Your contribution is sincerely appreciated.

--Gov. Howard Dean
Democratic National Committee

I've not checked out "Party Builder" yet. But, doesn't it sound like
fun? Party Builder. Party Builder. You just stack things up and then
you've built a party...woot!

Here's Obama's site, so you can give directly to him, if you'd like.
Or, you can give to the Democratic National Committee and get a nifty spam
thank you from Howard Dean.

These guys are! Won't you give to Obama's campaign, or to the DNC to
help affect change across the board?

Won't you say you will?

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