Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Daughter, Late 1930's Dame

With this, typing madly away in the kitchen,

and my daughter's vivid imagination, she will transform herself into:

Rosalind Russell from His Girl Friday


Jean Arthur from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

It seems my daughter has especially latched onto the strength, charm, quick wit and style of these ladies and really got how they saved the day in these two movies. We watched these movies this month and the kids both understood the story lines, but it is my daughter who has been completely captivated by them and has decided that she can pretend to be these great dames and have a swell time.

In order to help her along, I have to pretend to be Cary Grant or James Stewart or the awful, corrupt Claude Raines or the escaped prisoner hiding in the roll top desk that Rosalind Russell helps, even though her new stuff shirt fiance is waiting for her, but still, she can not shake the thrill and allure of the newspaper biz--her blood is made of ink.

Clearly, my daughter was born in the wrong decade.

What do your kids imagine with every fiber of their being? What creatures or story lines do they inhabit? And, don't you think this kind of creativity will serve them their whole lives?


siobhan said...

Well my ds is considerable younger than your kids but I was delighted yesterday when he said the name of the neighbour's dog and got down on all fours and started barking and panting :)

Laura said...

Very cute. Did the dog bark back? That would have been great fun for your son.

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