Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Wonder What He Thought

The other day, I went shopping at Whole Foods to get my overpriced, whole foods. I was on a fairly busy road when I came up behind a big tattooed guy on a Harley. You know the kind of motorcycle where the front fork sticks way out, like in Easy Rider, except this guy was not exactly a hippie type. Instead of an American flag motif painted on his gas tank, he had this sticking out of his back seat,

The Stars and Bars were fluttering and waving in the wind. You could tell he felt strongly about some notion of superiority because he also had this as a rear view mirror,

He had an iron cross rear view mirror. Kind of a theme of socio-political expression. He liked racist symbols from here and abroad. Who isn't multi-cultural? Who isn't expansive in their thinking?

I can appreciate socio-political expression as well as he does. I have some myself on my little, very well used car. For example, on the left side (of course!) of my bumper, I have this sticker,

Yep. I'm an Obama Mama. I want that man to be our next president--that black man with Hussein as his middle name! And, I'm a white woman...Imagine.

My bumper has more room, so I have more stickers. In the center, I have this gem,

Which is true. My husband commutes to and from work every day on his bike. He also runs errands to the store and the library on his bike. As a family, we've been trying to use our bikes as much as possible.

My bumper has space on the right side, so I slapped up this beauty,

Which is also very true for us. My kids learn all day long from various places wherever we go. Learning doesn't just take place reading certain things, sitting at desks in our living room, for a certain set of hours every day...except weekends...and whole stretches of time during the Summer when learning will not be tolerated or encouraged...My kids are learning all of the time.

I was kind of amused to pull in front of the motorcycle and realize that the rider might read my stickers on my car.

I'm also thinking that he might not have read them. That's kind of knee jerk thinking on my part--the whole racist=ignorant meme. But, I think this guy had to be kind of savvy to get the iron cross rear view mirror--you don't find that everywhere--maybe he looked it up on-line, just as I did to get the image of the iron cross rear view mirror. That's a certain level of sophistication and ability there.

Any way, if he did read my stickers, I wonder what he thought...

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