Saturday, June 14, 2008

Because it's a Good Story

Last soccer practice I explained to the coaches that while their coaching ability is top notch, it's just fine, really, my daughter nonetheless has decided that she hates soccer. Doesn't care for it. Is not interested in it. Could not care less if her team wins or loses. Doesn't matter. I just wanted the coaching couple to know that as my daughter's mom, I certainly appreciated their volunteering their time to the park district to teach our girls how to play soccer, in spite of my daughter's abhorring the game.

I also told them how I gave my daughter the whole "If you make a commitment to the team to play, you need to try hard for the team" speech. And actually, I wouldn't have minded if my daughter did quit the team--it would have been OK with me--but, there were only 7 girls on their team and the team needed her. They needed everyone. You field a team with 6 girls.

The coaches told me they understood and had given their daughter the "commitment to the team" speech the previous year. Seems to be universal. They then went on to congratulate me on our upcoming adoption that was drawing close..."What?" "Your adoption. Your daughter told us how you're adopting a baby. Congratulations!" "Um. No. We're not." "Oh. That's what she told us..." "Oh. Well. We're not."

My daughter: never letting reality get in the way of a good story! Any way, it's more fun than soccer...

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