Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Word Play

Yesterday, my kids collected a variety of leaves for their new inchworm to eat. I googled it, and found out that the inchworm is a caterpillar of the geometer moth. Really, I should say one of the 26,000 geometer moth species--it's a large family.

How great is that that the inchworm becomes the geometer moth? Makes sense doesn't it? It wouldn't become the I-hate-math moth would it?

After much handling and crawling up and down my kids' arms--and may I say here how impressed I am with the delicate little inchworm's determination? The kids' arms are thoroughly measured now--the kids put the inchworm in a bug hut. (Do you have one of those? If not, get one or make one. If you have one, your kids might see insects in a different light and not respond with the typical *shriek* "an insect--ewwwwww!" grossed out vitriol that lots of kids give to the sight of a bug.)

Bugs, insects, spiders are all fascinating. It's wonderful to let your kids discover that.

It will be exciting if the inchworm becomes a geometer moth. We'll let you know what happens.

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