Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Bunny

There we all were: my husband, our friend Neo-agrarian and me with my flute. They were playing guitar and hammer dulcimer...

and Neo-agrarian pointed out a bunny to me in our back yard. I put down the flute and took some pictures.

Looking at a dandelion--eat it, bunny!

It ate it! Nice work, bunny. Just help yourself.

Looking for more dandelions.

Starting to notice me, kind of.

On alert, about to run away.

And then he/she did run away. It was such a sweet, earnest little creature--nibbling gently on dandelions and not on my prairie plants I have in the corner of my yard. Although, I do notice the tell tale sign of angled clean cuts on some of the stems--evidence of rabbit bites. Darn it!

Just stick to the dandelions, please. Thank you bunnies. You're welcome back any time.

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