Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm Going to Make RAW MILK Yogurt!

The other day, along with my sourdough starter, I received a viili yogurt starter from Cultures for Health. We're busy around here, but soon, I will make the yogurt and I will show you how--it couldn't be easier.

In the meantime, I want you to see the yogurt starter and the comprehensive instructions that are included.

The instructions are simple and straightforward. Included is a special note for raw milk users:

Many people have noted the traditional benefits of raw milk and its products and are returning to it in an effort to eat real, whole foods. Cultures all over the world have been sustained by raw dairy products for millennia.

When making yogurt, you usually heat milk and then introduce the yogurt starter to create the strain of good microbes that you want. You want the microbes from the starter and the heating of the milk destroys any other strains. Why not have all sorts of strains for yogurt? Because some microbes will affect the texture and make it stringy. This is true for raw milk as well as pasteurized.

So how will we have raw milk yogurt, if we're going to heat it up? AHA! This is where the handy dandy instructions come in from Cultures for Health. You only heat up a little bit of milk, add the starter to that, and then use that to make your yogurt, maintaining all of the enzymes, vitamin C, antibacterial properties of your raw milk. Brilliant!

Look at this beautiful sight:

It is so seldom that you see these words any where. I am so glad to be able to make a yogurt for my family that will still have all of the benefits of raw milk.

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