Monday, April 20, 2009

Vaccination Stance Poll Results

Many of you took the time to answer my recent Vaccination Stance Poll and I thank you. I realize that some of you were slightly irritated that you couldn't answer with multiple choices; that was an oversight. But, I'm going to group two sets of answers together on your behalf, after I give you the numbers.

The numbers:

53 people answered the poll.

1 (1%) of you answered that they have complete faith in it.

8 (15%) of you answered that you selectively vaccinate.

No one chose that they do no research and just do what the doctor says, although I know this is true for lots and lots of people. But, thankfully not here, you free thinkers you.

1 (1%) of you said that you have researched and vaccinated.

A whopping 33 (62%) of you said that you've researched and NOT vaccinated. There is a lot to see once you start looking, isn't there?

No one answered that they're not even comfortable questioning it. That seems really hopeful to me. There is always room for questions, isn't there?

No one answered with the question, Why wouldn't anyone vaccinate?! That seems hopeful to me too. There is a load of room for questions.

7 (13%) of you answered with the question, How could you inject those chemicals into your kids? I think you guys have researched, at least to the extent of finding out the ingredients of vaccines and probably much more extensively than that... so, I'm going to roll you guys into the researched/not vaccinating group. That brings those totals up to 40 (75%) of you.

2 (3%) of you think I am a loon. Oh yeah? What if I am? Maybe I think you are too! Did you ever think of that?! Did you?!

1 (1%) of you are all about business and would like this conversation to go back to the original idea of not buying new things. They answered with, Can we please just talk about not buying things?

Yes, we can. We can talk about not buying things. But, I include in that all of the mainstream ideas we are sold over and over again through advertising, institutions like schools, and medical organizations like the AAP. They want us to buy it, and I don't.

Thanks for voting everybody!

Rock the vote!


J. said...

Exactly...when you look at how these things are the CDC has web pages devoted to how to spin outbreaks to sell vaxes, how to ramp up the fear for flu season...the idea of not vaccinating fits exactly with not buying things...

Laura said...

Well said, J.

Thanks for visiting!

Paige said...

Yeah for research! I agree that I don't buy it applies to ideas as well as things.

Laura said...

Thanks Paige.

When they are trying to sell you something, through fear, or half truths, or exaggeration, you don't have to buy it.

If it was self evident, there wouldn't be a hard sell would there?

DoulaMomma said...

In line with what J. said, I know someone who work in big Pharma advertising & apparently the next big push in adverts we will see is in "pre-diabetes"...don't change your diet/exercise...just take drugs so you won't maybe someday develop this problem...
don't get me started on the selling of the HPV vaccine!

Laura said...

I wonder what "pre-diabetes" is exactly. Fatness maybe? How do you think it manifests itself? Borderline high blood sugar?

Do you think there will come a time when people wake up en masse and start to question EVERYTHING? Or, are they going to go sheep-like and take the next drug, and the next vaccine and so on?

Do the pharm people run the risk of pushing it too much, or can they count on enough suckers to keep them rolling in the dough?

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